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Ultra-Violet UV Lasers :



Ultraviolet or UV Lasers have become the mainstream work horse in the industrial revolution. From research and development to biotechnology and beyond, UV Lasers is the backbone to manufacturing most of today’s consumer goods. Medical industries benefit from this spectrum from dentistry to sterilization to outpatient therapy by allowing professionals new methodologies and tools to perform live saving procedures and operations that require micro-knife precision.

(UV) Ultraviolet lasers generate invisible light wavelengths in the range of 150 to 400 nm. Being part of the invisible wavelength, UV lasers are not a visually stunning color for laser pointers and pens. Exposure can be unexpected and harmful; therefore the ultraviolet laser is not something that is going to be migrated into the portable laser industry. Their short wavelength allows small spot sizes, allow the production of well-defined microstructures, from micro-machining, micro-drilling to etching synthetic substrates and materials.

There are three main types of Ultraviolet lasers; Solid state Q-Switched, gas and metal vapor. Q-Switched lasers operate via solid state by turning IR into UV with special crystals and are very sensitive to temperature changes and varying degrees of climates. Gas UV Lasers are created from a mixture of gases and are typically called excimer Lasers and propagate as a rectangular shape with a constant intensity distribution making this laser great for details and manufacturing techniques that require craftsmanship at the micron level. Metal Vapor Ultraviolet lasers are a new breed of lasing technology and their applications and uses are just becoming realized.





Precision 12.7mm Right-Angle Prism
Now $12.50
Premium +150mW Green Laser
Now $215.00
Precision 8 x 25mm fl. Laser Achromat
Now $13.98
Premium +75mW Green Laser
Now $125.00


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