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Terms & Conditions of sale and product use:

Laser modules on this site are classified as OEM laser components in accordance with 21 CFR (code of Federal Regulations) 1040.10 and 1040.11.

High powered laser modules of >5mW output, are not intended for use by anyone under
18 years of age and are for professional use only.

Only Class IIIa (<5mW) Lasers are for general laser pointer use.
Class IIIb (>5mW) are sold for industrial, professional and research use only.
The purchaser is fully responsible for the safe incorporation of these components into their finished product design and use.

It is the buyers responsibility to conform to all local regulations and guidelines in applying this component to your finished product.

Lasers are not toys, care & safety precautions will be taken when using lasers.
Never point a laser at a moving vehicle or aircraft, pointing a laser at aircraft is a serious felony in the United States.
Never point a laser at reflective surfaces.
Never use a laser to startle someone.
I will always be careful and use a high level safety and forethought when operating these products.

The seller assumes no responsibility for the misuse of this component and or any damages caused by any misuse, which becomes the full responsibility of the buyer at the point of sale.

If you do not agree with these terms, please proceed no further.

Completing a purchase of our products constitutes an agreement to all of the above terms & conditions of use.

9-piece Prism kit #1
Now $49.95
Precision 12.7mm Right-Angle Prism
Now $12.50
Precision 6 x 8mm Laser Lens
Now $27.98
Precision Cube Beam Splitter 15mm
Now $25.98


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