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RPL 473nm Portable Blue Lasers

473nm portable blue laser systems with average (not peak) output power from 10mW to 30mW or more. Their small size, light weight and high reliability make them ideal for outdoor or field use where access to the power grid is not available. They're also perfect for corporate and university research use where quick set up time, limited space and low cost are imperative. Applications: • Raman spectroscopy
• Quick integration into your OEM design requiring a high power battery operated laser.
• Holography
• Interferometry
• Fluorescence excitation
• Forensics and crime scene analysis
• DNA sequencing and analysis
• Anywhere a powerful and highly portable blue laser is required.

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•   Precision machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum. (higher quality,improved heat transfer)
•   Uses long-life rechargeable lithium-ion cell (reduces cost of ownership over time).
•   Laser diode protection circuit provides protection from electrostatic discharge.
•   Battery protection circuit provides over-discharge / under-voltage protection for lithium-ion cell.
•   Beam divergence (full angle) <1.00mrad typically <0.9mrad (Lowest divergence in the industry)
•   Small beam diameter provides increased concentration of light
•   Diode: High reliability n-Light IR diode: 80,000 hours MTTF with BriteLife Technology
•   Warranty: 12 months (Longest warranty on portables in the industry)
Length 200 mm
Diameter 40 mm at head
Weight 385gm / 12oz
Wavelength 473nm (continuous wave)
Body construction Machined from solid 6061 grade aluminum block
Operation mode Continuous Wave (non-pulsed)
Type DPSS laser
Transverse mode TEM00
Laser diode nLIGHT high reliability IR diode: 80,000 hours MTTF with BriteLife™ Technology
Beam divergence (full angle) <1.00 mrad typically <0.9 mrad (Lowest true divergence in the industry)
Beam Diameter (1/e2) <1.5 mm typically <1.4 mm
Polarization ratio >100:1
M2Beam Quality <1.1
Spectral line width <0.1 nm
Duty cycle 5 minutes on w/ 2 minutes cooling time (72% for 7 minute cycle). Learn More
Operating temperature 15°C to 30°C
Switch combination momentary push button and constant on/off
Power Source 3.7V 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion cell
Warranty 12 months (extendable to 18 months)
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•   Extended Warranty of 18 months available. 
•   Reduce the Warranty to 90 days and save 7% off the base price. 
•   Full laser certification on the RPL. More Details.
•   Laser glasses, 5% discount on a pair when ordered with an RPL portable blue laser.

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