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Laser Dazzlers:


Commonly used in combat operations, laser dazzlers have become the new threat deterrent alternative to lethal force. By employing laser light to temporarily blind the opposition, laser dazzlers are a unique and portable device that confuses and intimidates potential threats by sending a brilliant burst of laser light energy into the path of suspecting individuals. Typically a laser dazzler operates at the 532nm wavelength (green spectrum) and has an output rating between 35mW and 200mW.

These devices can be hand held or weapon mountable for versatility, convenience and ease of use. Some laser dazzlers have adjustable focus and can essentially flood a target with blinding light. Using a broader beam allows a larger swath path and less precision is needed to effectively produce a tactical advantage. Tighter beams allow longer range and increases maximum effectiveness at longer distances. Laser Dazzlers, dazzle the enemy with blinding light which disorientates and confuses combatants.

As a non-lethal device, laser dazzlers cut down on collateral damage, giving fighting forces an alternative to lethal force. Soldiers assigned to check points and road blocks use laser dazzlers to halt incoming vehicles, increasing security to the region. Civilian uses, include self defense applications and counter measures that pose a threat in high risk areas. Recently, government's have deployed large scale laser dazzlers as an effective means to thwart suicide planes and aircraft from violating no fly zones and protected aerospace.






Premium +10mW Green Laser w/ Special Effects
Now $49.95
Precision 6 x 8mm Laser Lens
Now $27.98
Precision 8 x 25mm fl. Laser Achromat
Now $13.98
Equilateral Prism 25mm
Now $9.98


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