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457nm Blue Laser systems

457nm DPSS blue laser systems with output power from 50mW to 3000mW. Their compact design, high reliability and ease of use make them an ideal choice for corporate and university research laboratories. (Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery on these systems) Applications: • Optogenetics
• Raman spectroscopy
• Interferometry
• Holography
• Fluorescence excitation
• Semiconductor surface inspection
• Microscopy and diagnostic imaging
• Optical spectrum analysis
• DNA sequencing and analysis

50mW 457nm Blue Laser System
US $2,198.00
100mW 457nm Blue Laser System
US $2,798.00
150mW 457nm Blue Laser System
US $2,998.00
200mW 457nm Blue Laser System
US $3,698.00
300mW 457nm Blue Laser System
US $3,998.00
1000mW 457nm Blue Laser System
US $11,799.00
2000mW 457nm Blue Laser System
US $13,999.00
3000mW 457nm Blue Laser System
US $18,228.00

•  Fully adjustable output power from 0mW up to the maximum rated output of each model.
•  High stability output of within less than 5% over 8 hours.
•  Closed loop TEC active cooling ensures stable output over long periods.
•  LED display of laser driver output current.
•  Exceptional beam quality over the complete working life of the laser.
•  Does not require high power or multi-phase power circuits.
•  Complies with federal regulations (21 CFR 1040.10, 1040.11)
•  Warranty: 12 months
Model VA-I-xx-457 VA-II-xx-457
Wavelength (nm) 457
Output Power (mW) 50-200 1000-3000
Working Mode Continuous Wave (non-pulsed)
Beam Mode Transverse TEM00
Longitude Multi-longitude
Spectral line width (nm) <0.1
Polarization Line polarization
Polarization Ratio >8:1
Beam Quality (M2 factor) <1.2
Far-Field Divergence (1/e2) 1.2�0.2 mrad 2.0�0.2 mrad
Beam Diameter at aperture (mm) 1.2�0.2 3.5�0.2
Beam roundness >90%
Power stability(RMS) <5% over 8 hours (ambient �2�C)
Aperture Position (mm) 25 100
Dimensions of Laser Head (mm) 180 x 62 x 62 320 x 120 x 105
Integrated Driver Model VD-III VD-IV
External Modulation 5V TTL / 5V Analog
Modulating Frequency 30KHz TTL / 10KHz Analog
Cooling system TEC TEC + Air-cooled
Warm-up time (minutes) <15
Operation Temperature C° 18-30
Power Requirements 110-120V 60hz (10A) / 220-240V 50hz (10A)
Expected Lifetime (hours) >10000
Regulatory certification Complies with CDRH (21 CFR 1040.10-1040.11) Class IIIb
Warranty 1 year
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•   Full laser certification on your 457nm laser system. More Details.
•   Laser glasses, 5% discount on a pair when ordered with any 457nm blue laser system.


Diffraction Grating Set
Now $4.98
Precision Cube Beam Splitter 20mm
Now $34.98
Precision 12.7mm Right-Angle Prism
Now $12.50
Precision Cube Beam Splitter 15mm
Now $25.98

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